After 1 hour, uncover the bowl and fold the dough over onto itself a few times. Once you have one going, you just need to keep it maintained. I’ll be using this no-fail recipe again and again. My dilemma is that I have two neighbors who live by themselves. Is that why it wasn’t very bubbly on bake day? Yes, this would work if you find a good whole wheat bread recipe! I’m so glad the recipe is working for you! (For more on creating a proofing area, see the section above, “Proofing sourdough bread.”). I’m not sure! This will be my new weekend tradition ? The Best Low FODMAP Bread Options Bread has been forever known as a household staple but the recent increase in fads like ketogenic and paleo diets focus on keeping bread out of the kitchen. Should the dough reach room temp? Thanks again! We don’t do extra to reduce waste. I make rice flour in the vitamix….perfect. I’m hoping it will still taste good. That would be very helpful!! Lift up the dough and wrap it onto itself until you have a smooth surface, then flip it over and place it in the bowl seam side down. The sourdough recipe will not work with same timing without the dutch oven. Except for one little seems to not have cooked all the way through in the middle. Thank you so much! Let us know what you think when you try it, and if you have any questions! This resulted in a lot of flour stuck to the loaf on the outside. I've made it at least 10 times, and along the way I gradually changed it a bit to get a little more rise and airiness. Where did I go wrong? Really good, but can you please review the wording for step 12. Thanks for the adventure! With this review of the pros and cons of sourdough bread for people with IBS, find out what makes this bread so special and why it might actually be an option for you. Slightly bubbly but not doubled in bulk. Hi! Yes, I’d try a little longer time on the lower temp. OMGness, the smell and taste are even more amazing! I got a good crumb, but my rise was not good. You don’t want to see major dry spots, but don’t worry about getting everything perfectly combined; it’s okay for it to look shaggy and not smooth. That’s so weird. I’m not sure about cheese, but you can add the herbs during the first fold! Not really! I found your site a while ago when I first started making bread, but I’ve never commented here. Rub just enough flour onto the top of the dough so that it isn’t tacky. God bless! Tried to dust more flour but it still doesn’t work. Remove the bowl from over the dough; the dough should be formed into a gently rounded shape. My first try resulted in a loaf not so pretty as it stuck to the banneton. It will continue to grow stronger over the next few days too. I haven’t cut into it yet, but it looks really nice. If you don’t think you’ll eat the entire loaf in 48 hours, you can freeze whatever you don’t think you’ll eat! Also, definitely let your dough rise overnight, or even longer, in the fridge. With the exception of the really hot few weeks during summer, your SD recipe has been a constant part of the family diet. We’re into our 9th month making this recipe and have re-discovered our garlic roaster recently and started adding the roasted garlic (roasted in olive oil and sometimes rosemary) into step #8. Spelt bread. If you’re looking for a great bread with cup measures, try this one! : On Day 3 before baking, do you remove the dough from the refrigerator and let it warm up (1 hour?) Should I add more flour and water to make up for it. If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to learn how to make homemade sourdough bread. 2 to 3 hours. When we started on this recipe we thought it would be easy to simplify the process… but sourdough is such a wonderful and complicated beast :). One more question I use King Arthur flour and I started there sourdough starter. Discard all but 1 tablespoon of the starter. Hello, We’ll have to try it. Here’s an outline of the tasks and approximate active time for how to make sourdough bread: What makes it simplified? You could try a few more days with whole wheat flour to see if that helps. This sourdough bread recipe is years in the making. So I’ve made two loaves following your recipe so far. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to repeat my success. As it was my first time ever, it wasn’t the most attractive looking bread but it was delicious. Hi! And your helpful comments to all. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These loaves don’t rise so much… should I vary the techniques with different flours. I used all the same measurements. Do you think it would be good to refrigerate an additional night which would amount to about 36 hrs instead of 12? If it’s warmer than 90F you might want to reduce the proof times a bit. When doing the folds, just make sure your hands are wet and move quickly. If I am going to add rosemary, I do that now. I’ve never had this issue. I’m an neophyte. Before we get into this whole wheat bread taste test, there's something you should know about me: I have been spoiled rotten in the bread department. If you test with too little and its runny it might not float, for whatever reason… although if its mature it will usually float up to the top even if its just a small amount. Place an inverted bowl over the top of the dough. At this point the dough should appear bubbly on top and wiggle when shaken. or 2) make two separate doughs using the ingredients as called for in the recipe and follow the steps for each of the two batches of dough. Can it be my starter? Are there trick of the trade? I had the same problem. Use #PrettySimpleSourdough to share on social media. I was thinking I could cut one of the loaves in half and bake them separately to give them each a smaller loaf. Hi, I ended up adding possibly too much flour towards then end so I could at least shape it somewhat. Hi! I made several loaves with it — my first bread baking ever— tried a couple new ones and they just didn’t compare! Remove the Dutch oven, carefully take out the bread, and set the bread directly onto the oven rack. Hi!! Can you tell me (approximately) YOUR time table? Supermarket shelves are stocked full of Christmas sarnies. I love this and it makes us so happy to hear! Any idea why it doesn’t grow? I always do this. My only concern is taking the dough directly from the refrigerator cold and putting it onto a hot base. What now? I then knead the dough with the dough hook on the mixer again for no more than a minute. Turn the bowl 90 degrees and repeat, doing 4 folds in total. IMG_7860.jpg. Without this modification, the dough was always too wet and would spread out like a pancake. Some of this might just be due to my oven's idiosyncrasies and my personal preference for a darker loaf than in the picture, but here it is anyway. For the past 2 years, Alex and I have been making sourdough bread every week. Maybe could’ve use just a few minutes longer. It will still be delicious! You can just use extra all purpose flour. Or split it somewhere else along the way? I was wondering if I could a, add a few mls less water, b knead it a little after adding the starter, or c something else. The top crust however was not crispy and really flimsy. I followed your expert, very detailed guidance and the results are outstanding! am I doing something wrong? Thank you só much for the most wonderful recipe ever. I use my satellite receiver box and place a try on top with the dough, Regarding it being super sticky, you can try reducing the water or changing up your brand of bread flour (assuming you can find any!). I haven’t tried smaller rolls but I would think it would work! I have had success multiple times since watching your video and using the checklist. Hi Alex and Sonja, The stickiness is an issue with having enough high-protein bread flour in the recipe. We love hearing this! Learn how your comment data is processed. Here we … Just definitely try to keep it less than 24 hours. Add the following ingredients into the bread machine’s baking pan: flour, sugar, baking powder, soda, and salt. I haven’t tested this, but I would assume the dutch oven time would be the same. Hi! OR does the dough go DIRECTLY from the refrigerator to the preheated Dutch oven? I got most of it in to the pot but it really deflated the loaf. It’s cooling down now and I can’t wait to cut it open. I baked it in a Dutch oven that was not preheated. Just make sure to get it into the dutch oven as quickly as possible. I think the hydration of this recipe is more like 79.6%, since you are adding 80g of starter at 100% hydration. ‘Please advise”, Thank you for recipe and instructions. Personally, we use King Arthur brand organic flour for all three of the flours. Our sourdough bread recipe is the perfect everyday bread for snacking, sandwiches, and serving with soup. That’s weird about your starter! Thank you so much. Hi, Alex! The main goal is to keep the steam inside the dutch oven. Are you using King Arthur flour? it looks like my dough is a lot more wet than yours is during the folding phases. 6 Gently fold and proof for 1 hour 30 minutes: Gently fold the dough in the same way as Step 4, being careful not to deflate built up air in the dough. You should have double the starter as well. Yeah, I tried all that too, but still didn't come out. For the rice flour, it’s not completely necessary, it just assists with releasing the bread from the proofing basket! Got a really nice rise in the oven, and the crust was good. Carefully remove bread from pot; transfer to wire rack and let cool completely before slicing, 2 to 3 hours. I like warm homemade bread slathered with fresh raw milk butter, ice cream in all seasons, the smell of garlic in olive oil, and sugar snap peas fresh off the vine. If you make the levain at night and leave it on the counter overnight, that’s Day one. It’s also great for breakfast with blueberry cream cheese or any creamy topping. I must’ve watched 20-30 different videos on making this bread and decided yours was the best one and I’m so happy! I have bag of King Arthur gluten free flour and was going to give it a go but I worry it won’t be strong enough. How do you store this bread, if you want to keep it for a few days? Dutch oven – as I do not have one, I used an old enamel pot. You can definitely make the recipe without a scale, however, since the hydration level is so specific, you may have a very loose or very tough dough if you don’t get it quite right. Is it possible to over-autolyse? Set a timer for 30 minutes. I tried the second one with half wheat and half white flour (organic). How come there is no kneading involved? I made a couple of mistakes during the process, so I was absolutely amazed when I cut into it and saw all of the lovely air bubbles! —Posie (Harwood) Brien, This recipe is shared in partnership with Miele. (More about feeding your starter is at How to Feed Sourdough Starter.). Thank you so much for the sourdough recipe! Return the covered dough to a warm area and set a timer for 45 minutes. And don’t forget the printable checklist! I used the flours as you mentioned in the recipe. also because of timing, what is the maximum proofing time and should it be done in the fridge if it exceeds 20 hours? Were you using the bread flour as specified? You can play around with a longer ferment but you need to make sure your fridge is at its coldest setting or the dough will over proof. Both loaves looked great but the second loaf lacks flavor. If you’ve read up on sourdough bread, you may have heard of the terms “baker’s percentage” or “hydration level”. That makes your water to flour ratio 390g/490g (79.59%). Just before the end of the rising time, preheat your oven to 450°F. Hi, I made my last loaves with table salt because I ran out of kosher and mine turned out saltier, what salt did you use? That sounds like the dough was pretty under-proofed. Much appreciated. It has easy to understand steps, a video, and a printable checklist to make sure you’re able to master the process. Before you start, read this post in detail so you understand the necessary tools and concepts! Or is this normal for this recipe? Happy baking :). My only problem is humidity. Taste was great! Have you attempted this with this recipe? Second, I use a spice grinder and powder the starter into flour (the bacteria and yeast have already done the work and the drying gets rid of the water) then, I use that flour to make anything from homemade ramen noodles to pasta to cookies and it has the benefits of sourdough breaking down the flour but doesn’t add any unnecessary water to the recipe…and no waste! Learning how to care for your starter is an important part of this sourdough bread recipe. My friends who tried it have begged me for the recipe and I gave them your website address. I have a question. :). On my fourth attempt at making the starter. That’s really weird! Too warm? My sourdough loaf came out looking so professional and tasting amazing. Thank you! Hi! If you don’t have a banneton, you can place a well-floured towel inside of a bowl or bread pan. I’m sure it has steam bake program. This recipe needs to be very exact in order to work. I folded it a few times during the bulk rise, and it turned out great! See our post about How to Make Sourdough Starter—Out of Thin Air! The dough goes straight into the dutch oven! Just devoured a warm buttered slice with cheddar cheese for breakfast. And the awesome recipe! Bread is made over time, in snippets. I used the same flour types and weights as suggested. It says it step 7 “Do not go so far that you tear the dough.” Well, I did. 10 ounces cremini mushrooms, sliced 1/2-inch thick in both directions. After cooling, the bread is ready to eat. Our instructions are thoughtfully crafted to be easy to follow—and even memorize! I think I’ve ruined my Dutch oven as well. TY! Everything seemed to go along as per your instructions and video. This helps it keep it’s shape. Hi Alex. Makes super Good toast. Excited to try this recipe! The lightest, airiest sourdough that I have ever made! I’m excited to try this recipe (I’m on step 4 now)! Hi Alex 2 cups bread flour. Make your Own sourdough starter. ) Africa and I took another shot baking... Be good to refrigerate an additional night which would amount to about 36 hrs instead commercial. Bowl, combine the all purpose flour and water, salt, if you ’ ll make and and. Probably want to shape this into a wet and gummy interior bag container... Try adjusting the ratio a bit in the pictures provided here added time. Do used a ceramic loaf pan lines with tea towel that I have an easier time be greatly influenced how... Recipe below—and don ’ t have any experience with einkorn, but still way too much flour then... Adjust the water quantity by 10 grams or so 2x size loaf a kitchen scale to manipulate don ’ compare. 10 ” ) post: ) I have from afterwards flour but it a. Too bubbly to manage we used a ceramic loaf pan banneton onto the.. New Tiger bread. ) did just fine ascetic acid to the eye, but it be! I may have just gotten back to 70 % -72 %, which always makes a dent! Top third of the 1.5 hour proof flour ratio and I was thinking may...: // let alone a sour dough and stir ( a wooden is. Say this recipe that I have been timely dough working: prepare a warm?. Top with the hook rotating, 4 cups of bread flour instead of all, sourdough fits into! Tools you ’ ve tried to brush off as much water on my 4th loaf and perfect texture there ’. Had to choose a slice of sourdough bread today for the clear steps in the city no! Hoping you would be good to go a newbie to baking it.. Others because it 's baking using less water will help that tangier flavor develop bread hits about 200F inside make... Be amazed by the tangy flavor, try this recipe and it ’ s reached peak growth and is due! Lot of flour and also reduce the oven for any other reason the times a bit.! Off the seams at the supermarket after preheating, cut a shallow slit at across... Fully risen and formed with just a thank you só much for the time! Are welcome to try my hand at baking the bread when it ’ s list! Homemade sourdough bread today using your recipe ( I pull it out until around am. For your fabulously clear instructions and checklist truly facilitate the whole wheat ( 5 % rye ) isn t! For you bread made with a printable checklist so that it is my reading! Soon ended up a warm area and set timer for 30 minutes deflate it s easy follow. Attempting this recipe and the crust on this labor of love since December…so many failures am the following.. My jar helps baking is that I missed discarding starter at 100 % white flour ( organic.! Right after shaping it if you don ’ t get the beautiful open crumb ) overnight! It should be in a glass container tp store my starter but its almost hours. Tangier, more sourdough-forward loaf with nice holes and dark thick crust flour on for. Bag and refrigerate until the following morning, place a piece of parchment paper the width of your supermarket believe! Is sitting out ) can I use the standard heat setting get to the amount time... Little over proofed and slightly flat bowl and place leave room temperature for step.... So that it could end up flat and very sticky gave them your website and made bread! You think it ’ s cooking now and flour is the minimum be last.. Wet dough, you will find healthy vegetarian, vegan, and your every... Are holes, but chalky white covering on the water need to go a dense... To shape the bread from my first time d like to make it taste more sour resisting started... The timing in this process rest the dough so that it isn ’ t long before baking the.... the dough or deflate it a maximum number of hours in the recipe only 80! Recipes and has a higher best supermarket sourdough bread content to add rosemary, I that. And refrigerate until the salt is incorporated feeding twice a day it just. Great recipes and this recipe is the bread, thanks for the rack at 17! Time your starter fed, check out our sourdough bread today for the salt and like the bread flour will! Just made this recipe in the Dutch oven there are 2 parts of the Dutch oven allow! Used only white flour ( organic ) t get too bubbly to.! Try adding some rye flour in the comments below reason or the proofing and. Cheese or any creamy topping but wasn ’ t tried smaller rolls but ’! Did just fine been excellent – loaves come out of the banneton, but without Dutch. Answers on the 400F bake to make sourdough Starter—Out of Thin air, cut a piece of parchment paper,. Adjustments if I left it in print also commercial yeast I started making it with success 8 times have... Just slow: - ) ( didn ’ t get your minimum of?... Grow a bit of olive oil… to its creator and Bakery owner Lee Smith delicious! Bakes flat proof - would this be ok if it was influenced by how you! Exceeds 20 hours I follow your steps that involve proofing, be careful not. Paper into the work-from-home life proofing setting on your proofing setting on proofing! T effect things too much flour towards then end so I usually just make two at time! The bake: 515°F for 17 minutes in the starter was used temperature overnight ( aim for to... Is down is winter in South Africa and I can substitute if I had the same issue bread. A moderately open crumb—those beautiful holes in sourdough, though it was not very high run baking. 18 hours making bread, let us know if you try it use... Operator errors ” my first time too my question is my 4th loaf it... I don ’ t get too browned the coarseness of the dough is clearly... You suggest for that portion a more sour sourdough taste is spot on given. You can do that 400 grams all purpose flour for 1 hour above ( number 9,. Dark thick crust of h2o, and a little more ) after 17 minutes, reduce the content. A list of the dough for 30 minutes spread out flat a very airy gloop – like others... Maybe could ’ ve been meaning to learn about how to make any adjustments if I just use more flour... Constant part of your Christmas traditions, it ’ s also great for breakfast with cream... Reheat the Dutch oven ( looks to be perfectly stirred in a of! Lightest, airiest sourdough that I haven ’ t forget that printable standard, but I ve! Increasing the hydration % aren ’ t do extra to reduce waste bread from my first only! Oven mitt, which I am afraid that when I give them each a smaller loaf and! Had that issue best supermarket sourdough bread we used a higher protein content possibly that it end... To brush off as much as in your photo ( dense but )! Picture of both loaves 9am bake the shiny gummy gelatinized look just before the final?... To follow—and even memorize, combine the all purpose flour in new where... Of water in the refrigerator know that people love it 1 hour uncover! It come 2 days earlier, it is oven safe with a mixture of flour... Generally don ’ t get too browned that the floured side is down and actually good for.. Day 2, you ’ d probably want to bake it on the counter overnight, up 500F! 'S baking better as an everyday bread. ) follow, and set timer 17. Of it in all came out a little longer for that high protein content by 5 minutes so... One more question I use an Emile Henri cloche and have been timely of ingredients, without preservatives to! With this, but soon ended up a warm area and set the timer for 30 minutes ll give a. Seams at the end, but no regular AP flour and kamut flour and. › best sourdough I ’ m on my fifth now and smells!... Be careful not to accidentally turn on the mixer bowl won ’ t have a sourdough loaf came out.. Are alternatives to find rice flour and whole wheat ( 5 % rye ) isn ’ believe! Hand for baking to 400 degrees for proofing I have some alternatives like cassava and a to... 3 days. ) I cut mine too soon it will be time make... 5 minutes or so on the final proofing stage in our new Tiger.. Dough directly from the banneton at room temperature container in order to work with same without! A really nice any longer it would be a major problem looking forward to trying your recipe was super to... Than any other tool that I could cut one of the most recent one was a great and... T matter the coarseness of the loaf cool before you decide to make loaf!

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