Verbs of motion - how to define local distances? In conclusion, if you feel no need for the added weight of 10-speeds, then the Shimano Ultegra 6500 9-speed gruppo is more than good enough to justify riding for many miles to come. Generally speaking, the Sora groupset is often found on lower-end bikes and is a 9-speed groupset, available in both standard double and wide-range triple cranksets. Ultegra 6500 is just as durable, reliable, even race-able and a much BETTER VALUE for any rider who is not paid to ride. Shimano Pedals And Shifters. ), If you actually want to go to 11 speed, as stated above you'll need at least chainrings, chain, cassette, shifters, and front and rear derailleurs. The Claris, Sora and Tiagra triple front derailleurs lack the ‘long arm’ as that comes from Dura-Ace/Ultegra/105 9000/6800/5800 series, which had no triple. Front derailer cage gap to chain width compatibility is a real thing that matters and affects performance, and your 9-speed wheel won't take an 11-speed road cassette unless it's already an 11-speed wheel running a 1.8mm spacer, or it has a retrofit 11spd freehub available, or it's a Mavic road wheel (basically the same as an 11-speed wheel with the spacer). I am considering moving to a steel road bike, and am looking at a used 2011 model with a Shimano Ultegra groupset. Differences Between Shimano Ultegra & 105 Drivetrains. How likely it is that a nobleman of the eighteenth century would give written instructions to his maids? Shimano Sora is perfect for a beginner who is just starting to cycle. Qualis SSL Scan weak cipher suites which are secure according to edit: as @nathan Knutson pointed out, 11 speed road for Shimano uses a wider freehub body (mountain does not, but is incompatible with drop bar shifters/road derailleurs) so you could not simple put an 11speed cassette on your current wheel. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. $75.00. This is probably the biggest advantage of ultegra for a commuter. Why not just pick a better rear cassette? There is the option for electronic Di2 or mechanical gearing, with both varieties sporting the same brakes,chains and other non-shifting components. Both Shimano 105 and Shimano Ultegra are 11-speed groupsets with the same capacity for sprocket and chainring sizes. Can I partially upgrade from Shimano Sora to Ultegra 6800? Courtesy Next is Sora , which can also be found on entry-level bikes and is a … The SRAM Rival and Shimano Ultegra groupsets are designed to meet the needs of more budget-minded road cyclist. 162.5 SHIMANO 105 TRIPLE FC-5603 CRANKSETS w/ Sora Front Derailleur. The levers are basically the same (alu instead of carbon) at a lesser expense with the same cable routing along the bar as with Ultegra. However, the question is because he's comparing a specific new bike with Sora to a specific used bike with 2011 Ultegra. Ultegra R8050/R8070 is Shimano's second tier Di2 groupset, offering almost identical performance to the Tour de France-winning Dura-Ace Di2, but … Shimano’s entry-level groupsets. Popular . I changed the shifter and cassette(11-32) to 105(5800) and the derailleur is Ultegra (6800). What's the least destructive method of doing so? In general the sweet price/performance point is Shimano Ultegra / SRAM Force / Campagnolo Chorus. The front is still Sora! If you're shopping around and looking at any other bikes, you may also want to consider Shimano 105. Is chairo pronounced as both chai ro and cha iro? They no longer have the thumb lever. Works like a charm. It should last longer. I want what's inside anyway. What is the purpose of the fenced-off area on this board? I changed the shifter and cassette(11-32) to 105(5800) and the derailleur is Ultegra (6800). It should last longer. Is Ultegra 9 speed compatible with Sora 9 speed? But check the tooth capacities of the RD first. You can get a 9 speed deore derailleur and a 9 speed 12-36 cassette and Bam! I'm not afraid to get my Sora dirty because it is extremely cheap to replace and easy to fix. Inserting © (copyright symbol) using Microsoft Word. Well, Shimano’s lowest cost range is called Claris. Now with technology adopted from higher level groupsets, both new starters and enthusiasts will feel comfortable sport riding with the features that 9-speed SORA R3000 introduces. It only takes a minute to sign up. Almost five years since industry rival SRAM debuted 1x shifting for … What do you want out of this change ? $75.00. Shimano Ultegra is a bit more refined that Shimano 105, with lighter materials in some areas and details like more durable coatings on some parts Better save the money for a 6800 equipped bike. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. >>> Read more: Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 vs Ultegra R8000. Can I use a 11-23 11-speed Shimano cassette with the RD-R8000 11-speed Ultegra Shadow rear derailleur (short cage)? Shimano. The only piece of it that can kinda sorta be re-used is the cranks. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Shimano Sora vs other Shimano groupsets. I agree that 105 is a great compromise, since it's basically the previous generation of Ultegra with less expensive materials. SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6800 11-SPEED NICKEL PLATED 14-28T ROAD BICYCLE CASSETTE. I.e. It is the perfect groupo for the commuter bike. SORA is pitched towards sports/fitness cyclists with stylish and clean design. Shimano Ultegra 6800 11 Speed Rear Road Derailleur. All 3 shift nicely, i would say there is a slightly crisper feel to ultegra vs. 105, but the main difference is the weights. Canyon’s Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 with Shimano 105 is £2,099 ($2,708) and the Ultegra-equipped Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0 is £2,699 ($3,482).

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