Translated Bifurcaria, Bifurcata to Italian in 1988. Guadalupe Roncal Not unlike the biblical story of Jacob wrestling with the angel (Genesis 32:22-32). Realizes he loves Liz Norton (16) and sleeps with her after the meetings with Schnell and Mrs. Bubis (33-34). Meets with Fate to show the charitable work of the Brotherhood (293). Nobel Prize (Literature) in 1989. “…first, that his life as he had lived it so far was over; second, that a brilliant career was opening up before him, and that to maintain its glow he had to persist in his determination, in sole testament to that garret.” (5) First met Morini in 1989 at a German literature conference. He doesn’t speak. published 1774, written by Johann Wolfgang con Goethe. Not a full professor. He is from Chile. (1891 – 1958) – German expressionist writer and politician. He has an unsettling tattoo on his back (274). Also, Bifurcaria, Bifurcata makes me think of Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom! She tells Rosa Amalfitano about sleeping with policemen (“…like being fucked by a mountain in a cave inside the mountain itself…”) and sleeping with narcos (“…like being fucked by the desert air…”) (328-329). Page 99 Alfonso Reyes (1889 – 1959) – Mexican writer and philosopher. So maybe there’s a link between this stuff that might offer some kind of cancer relief and the one character that’s confined to a wheelchair? Often depicted as a winged boar. Currently resides in a mental institution (the Auguste Demarre Clinic) in Switzerland (87). Composed in the last years of Roberto Bolaño's life, 2666 was greeted across Europe and Latin America as his highest achievement, surpassing even his previous work in its strangeness, beauty, and scope. The allure of The Third Reich is all about setting and geography and atmosphere and scenarios. Page 95 G. K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936) – Influential English writer. (1821 – 1867) – French poet and translator. “…a horribly violent monster, but one who never materialized…”, Referenced again in an email from Norton to Morini, (1770 – 1843) – German Romantic poet. In the end, the girl proves to be somewhat stronger than the dread always weighing her down. Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 – 1894) – Scottish writer. Page 52 Emma Waterson – Fictional person. Page 64 Jacob Epstein (1880 – 1956) – American born British sculptor. Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870) – Victorian English novelist. A professor of German in Paris (by 1986). The men cook and clean and are courteous. seymourblogger August 3, 2019 9:06 pm Reply. An English translation, by Chris Andrews, was published by New Directions in 2006. Mohammed Atta (1968 – 2001) – Member of al-Qaeda who participated in the September 11 attacks on the United States. Archimboldi’s publisher. Kills Medusa. It was as if he too were turned to stone.”. We see this in 2666 wherein the three critics are European and travel to Mexico. He disappears directly after the meeting and goes to London to visit Norton (92-97). Had a brief period of interest in, First met Morini and Pelletier in 1990 at a conference. First met Espinoza in 1990 at a conference. Since the eighteenth century, Huguenots have been commonly designated ‘French Protestants’, the title being suggested by their German co-religionists or ‘Calvinists’. while studying German literature in Paris, A professor of German in Paris (by 1986). Visited by Amalfitano and The Critics (132). She convinces Amalfitano to take the teaching job in Santa Teresa. Poets and Gangsters: Discovering Roberto Bolano. All we know of Bitzius is that it’s a short novel, less than 100 words. He claims that his grandmother haunts the place (97-98). Reporter for Black Dawn magazine in New York (242). Has a copy of Rafael Dieste ‘s Testamento geometrico hanging on his clothesline. Characters come and go, never to be seen again. p309 In The Third Reich, Udo Berger plays the board game “The Third Reich” and as a model of World War II, the focus is not on the Pacific Theater or the US, but on Europe. chilei író. Painter who cuts off his own right hand and inserts it into his own painting (52-53). When they corner the maid, Clarita, in Udo’s hotel room, Udo notes “she took possession of a strategic spot next to the bed.” Udo sees everything as a game, a contest, the people merely players. Biografi. There are a lot of different ways to take the novel, since it seems so directionless and disjointed, … A mysterious individual that rode with Fate on the way to Charly Cruz’s house (319). Thinks that “German Literature [is] a scam” (66). She appears to be Rosa Amalfitano’s only female friend. (1866 – 1944) – Russian painter. Told in 16 brief chapters, it's the tale of a teenage girl and her younger brother, who become orphans when their parents die in an automobile accident. Schwartz, Borchmeyer and Pohl (11) and later Dieter Hellfeld (37). Page 69 Medusa – A female monster of Greek mythology. Rosa Amalfitano accompanies Guadalupe and Fate to the prison to meet the killer (344). Bolaño, who saw himself primarily as a poet, said, "Poetry is more than enough for me," a character says in The Savage Detectives, "although sooner or later I'm bound to commit the vulgarity of writing stories." Archimboldi may have gotten El Cerdo’s contact information from Mrs. Bubis, who he met at a party in Berlin (103). She looks everywhere, coming up with only dust and bits of crumbling wall. Mr. Lawrence coordinates the funeral with Fate, Edna Miller’s neighbor. During a conversation with Morini, he mentions that a friend (Almendro) had met recently Archimboldi in Mexico (99). Always carries a switchblade, Friend of Lola, who calls her Imma. A co-founder of the Black Panthers with Barry Seaman (245). He said that it was the new modernness of that caused his unhappiness (“they’re destroying me inside”), He asked Morini to read him some recipes from the book Morini is reading. Tells a story about how the work of George Grosz affects her (joy) versus how it affects a critic friend (sorrow) (26-27). We’ll discuss this more next week…. Did time in prison. “Actually,” said Amalfirano, “now I see it as a natural movement, something that, in its way, helps to abolish fate, of what is generally thought of as fate.”, “But exile,” said Pelletier, “is full of inconveniences, of skips and breaks that essentially keep recurring and interfere with anything you try to do that’s important.”, “That’s just what I mean by abolishing fate,” said Amalfitano. They meet in Buenos Aires and then later in Barcelona, Dean Guerra’s son. Juan Corona Carries a gun. First meets Norton in 1993 or 1994, Teaches German literature at a university in London. Sister of Medusa and Stheno. Page 87 Auguste Demarre – Fictional “late nineteenth-century Swiss politician or financier.”. Literature was his subject matter. Mother of the Gorgons, wife of Phorcys. At the request of her father (343), viagra Fate takes Rosa to the United States so that she can return to Spain (347). ‘Youth is a scam’ Roberto Bolaño (1953-2003) created a very special novel with The Savage Detectives. Read Mitzi’s Treasure and then The Garden. Appears to be dating Rosa Méndez. Geography and history. A visit from the police or the social worker. First meets Norton in 1993 or 1994 (12). Page 74 Salman Rushdie (1947 – ) – British Indian novelist. Roberto Gómez Bolaños, Actor: El Chavo del Ocho. In the terms set out by Bolaño’s character Amalfitano, 2666 is, … He is called Scottsboro Boy by the local kids (259). Roberto Bolaño was a writer’s writer. Paalen would them paint over these patterns using oils. She is divorced (33). Punished for all eternity, tied to a rock while an eagle eats his liver – every day. Meets Fate at the Fernández/Pickett fight (309). But he believes this is more of a strategic declaration than sympathy for the Nazis. The last Communist in Brooklyn. Author of Eating Ribs with Barry Seaman (244). Professor J. Plateau – Professor at the University of Ghent (Belgium). In early 1997 she summons Espinoza and Pelletier to London in order to end her romantic involvement with them (57, 59). Heavily medicated. Blows smoke rings “in the most unlikely shapes” (172). They also settle on a couple of jobs: Bianca at a salon washing hair and her brother sweeping and doing menial work at a local gym. The Fourth Man Fate agrees to accompany her to visit the chief suspect in the murders. Mexican reporter covering the Fernández/Pickett fight. Roberto Bolaño Ávalos (April 28, 1953 – January 15, 2003) was a Chilean novelist, short-story writer, essayist and poet. Bolaño and Enrique Vila-Matas (among others) share a fascination with Paris.

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