Was: Previous Price C $16.99 50% off. The ships of the class are listed in alphabetical order which comprise the original eight Tribal class destroyers built during World War 2 and the four Iroquois class successors. In Lauzon, Quebec as the third warship of her class. Commissioned in April 2552, Iroquois was the first ship to respond to the Covenant fleet en route to Sigma Octanus IV on July 17, 2552. Athabaskan is the last of four Iroquois-class destroyers in service with the Royal Canadian Navy. TRUMP refit: 01 Nov 1989. HMCS Iroquois (DDG 280) is an Iroquois-class destroyer at the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic (BOA 70) commemoration and events centred around Liverpool. Iroquois Class Destroyer (DDHG-280) TRIBAL - TRUMP Class Destroyer. Built in the early 70's to replace the aging WWII era Destroyers, the TRIBAL class were to be replaced in the late 80's. Originally fitted out for anti-submarine warfare, a major MLU in the 1990s (Tribal Update Modification Program) overhauled the ships for area-anti-aircraft defense. Iroquois-class destroyers, also known as Tribal class,are a class of four helicopter-carrying, guided missile destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy. HMCS IROQUOIS TRUMPED IROQUOIS Class Destroyer - 2000 to 2006. : MM376K. The Canadian government is looking for buyers for the OTO Melara 76mm guns removed from the Royal Canadian Navy’s Iroquois-class destroyers. C-03. Their former anti-submarine role was largely transferred to the Halifax-class frigates. The Iroquois Class destroyer Athabaskan was commissioned on September 30, 1972. UNSC Iroquois UNSC Iroquois (HCS: DD-906)2 was a Halberd-class destroyer1 commanded by the then-Commander Jacob Keyes. The Huron was paid off in 2005 and the Algonquin will meet the same fate later this year. Due to lack of personel / funding, the Navy is unable to fully man all of their ships. HMCS Iroquois (Photo Ships, click to enlarge) return to Contents List TRIBAL-Class Fleet destroyer ordered from Vickers Armstrong, Newcastle on 5th April 1940 with three others of the same Class for service in the Royal Canadian Navy. For much of February 2007, a small group of academics that included serving and former naval officers engaged in an electronic debate on the future of Canada's defence and naval policies. 1/350. [14] Description Huron in 1976 with split exhaust funnel, Sea Sparrow launcher on forward superstructure, and 5-inch (127 mm) /54 calibre gun on forecastle. Battle honours and awards: Atlantic 1943, Arctic 1943-45, Biscay 1943-44, Norway 1945, Korea 1952-53, Arabian Sea . HMCS ST.LAURENT 50's ST.LAURENT Class Destroyer Escort as built. Iroquois-class destroyers, also known as Tribal class, [1] are a class of four helicopter-carrying, guided missile destroyers of the Canadian Forces.Launched in the 1970s, they were originally fitted out for anti-submarine warfare, but a major upgrade programme in the 1990s overhauled them for area-wide anti-aircraft defence. Of the four Iroquois-class destroyers built in the 1970s, only the Athabaskan remains on active duty. With the arrival of the Iroquois-class destroyers, a special service centre was created ashore with the same computer system, which was far more advanced at the time compared to anything else in the navy. As designed they were primarily an anti-submarine warfare platform. … Wikimedia . Three months after leaving drydock, it was the first ship to respond to the Covenant attack on Sigma Octanus IV. C $8.49. HMCS IROQUOIS Class Destroyer. Canada - Thanks to 'Werewolf' DDG 280: HMCS Iroquois : DDG 281: HMCS Huron : DDG 282: HMCS Athabaskan : DDG 283 : HMCS Algonquin . Published 23 November 2007. The Iroquois-class destroyers, are a class of ten helicopter-carrying guided missile destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy. A new class of 15 ships is to replace the Iroquois-class destroyers and the Halifax-class frigates. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. 1/350. On IROQUOIS class destroyers, the Auxiliary Machinery Room (AMR) houses two 750 kW Solar Saturn gas turbine generators and one 1000 kW diesel generator to provide this power. Lead ship in the class, HMCS Iroquois, is awaiting disposal, HMCS Huron was sunk in a live-fire exercise and HMCS Algonquin was sold for scrap in 2015. HMCS Iroquois was on its first tour of duty in Korea, under frequent fire as it patrolled the peninsula’s east coast, itself frequently firing on North Korean rail lines. Price incl. Over the course of the next 20 years, as part of the First Canadian Destroyer Squadron she deployed on a multitude of NATO and other allied exercises; she was the flagship for the Standing Naval Force Atlantic several times. Iroquois-class destroyer; Kingston-class MCDVs; naval engineers; naval policy; naval reserves; naval training; Regular Force; by Administrator. A WWII Tribal class destroyer was limited to the approximate 16 km reach of her main guns. Be the first to rate this product £ 14.95. Commissioned: 29 Jul 1972. There would not be a Canadian Navy to speak of. If truth be told, I managed to get myself … |state=expanded: {{Iroquois class destroyer|state=expanded}} to show the template expanded, i.e., fully visible |state=autocollapse : {{Iroquois class destroyer|state=autocollapse}} shows the template collapsed to the title bar if there is a {{ navbar }} , a {{ sidebar }} , or some other table on the page with the collapsible attribute

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