This is the second video in my series on "6 Ways to Enhance your Students' Learning". Teaching the alphabet to our English students can be a daunting task. What sound is it?”). You can purchase a blank paper book at an educational supply store, or you can make one with construction paper and a three-hole punch. I personally feel the alphabet books in our current market are a tad bit too dry for exciting a 1-year-old to want to revisit the book again. Always have worksheets to do in class and for homework. Always show them charts with upper and lower case letters. Making sure that your child is surrounded by letters DAILY is going to help him naturally develop an interest in letters and words. However, by using the order listed above, you are able to make words quickly. Play the. Different Learner Types. 2. Each week choose a new letter to work on and bring in some old magazines, then go through the magazines with your students to find pictures that begin with that letter. Help your child make a page with each letter. Singing also engages them and grabs their attention. If you’re feeling lost on where to start when teaching your 2 year old the letters of the alphabet, just start by talking about them daily! How to Teach the Alphabet & Numbers to Children With Autism . So, here’s how you take it from the stage of recognizing to learning. Let your other half know what you are doing, they might like to join in and at the very least it gives him a heads up you haven’t gone crazy. I did one more thing to the student to make their lesson interesting and that is i cut coloring pages and made them to paste in their art copy. Here are some methods you can include in your alphabet teaching routine to ensure all of your students get the most out of your alphabet lessons: As you teach each letter of the alphabet always teach its associated sound. Bring in magazines and have your students find and touch (or cut out) letter Cs. Do lots of worksheets which include letters from previous lessons. This video is about 6 ways to teach the alphabet. Count Out Loud and Often . 3. //
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